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73: Owner of a Sawmill: Brandon Berdoll

71: Podcaster, Entrepreneur, and Investor: Anthony Pompliano

Listen now and see what it's like to be a podcaster, entrepreneur, and an investor!

70: Lawyer and Translator: Jen Bader

69: Literacy Consultant: Rachael Mamigonian

68: Farmer: Christine Bailey

67: Police Officer: Bradley Steinike

66: Architect: Esther Sperber

65: Product Analyst: Doug McGuire

64: Pediatric Endocrinologist: Shula Lerner

63: Special: Kyle Northcutt

61: Psychiatrist: Craig Heacock

60: Chiropractor: Aaron Koepp

Python Trainer: Reuven Lerner

58: School Leader: Jan Harrison

Veterinarian: Nicole Savageau(Encore 3/24/21)

54: Physical Therapist: Lindsey Karlin

53: Small Group Director: Marie Beck

52: Nonprofit Organization Director: Arpi Miller

51: Serial Entrepreneur: Nick Armstrong

50: CEO of Humblepod: Chris Hill

48: Founder of Emporium Pies: Megan Wilkes

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