I'm your host, Kyle Northcutt, an 11-year-old from Colorado. I'm a serial entrepreneur and the co-founder of KidsGreenTeam.com, founder of the Kids Learn Careers podcast, and have my own neighborhood subscription recycling business where I pick up plastic film from my neighbors and recycle it properly. KidsGreenTeam is a digital course that I cofounded with my friend Micah Field from Texas. We teach other kids how to start their own subscription neighborhood recycling businesses since plastic film can't be recycled in our curbside bins and usually ends up in a landfill or worse, the ocean. I have a 4 year old labrador retriever named Ranger and I love space, engineering, math, and science. I love learning new things, reading all sorts of books, and playing outside. I plan to become an astronautical engineer and hope to work at SpaceX.
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